Your Website Is Your

24-Hour Salesman

web design services for business from a christian professional design agency firm in lancaster pennsylvania

Why Have a Website?

  • A website is your 24-hour salesman
  • Quickly give a searcher an overview of your company or services you provide
  • Answer common questions customers always have
  • Direct to retail sales, accept orders or create estimates from the required information that allows you to spend less time gathering it.

In today’s world, connecting the product or service you provide to your customer can be effectively achieved with a website. Hiring the next door neighbor, or a friends son who is playing around in website work may be an easy way to get started, but is not a reliable long term solution. Fireside Design Group has the expertise to guide you through the process from sketching out ideas, perfecting your pages’ message to rolling out a live, interactive site.

  • Responsive for any size device
  • Custom Designed for your company
  • Easy to use interface
  • User Friendly Content Management

The Path to a New Website

Organize Content

In this stage we work with you to get the primary text, images and message you want to communicate on each page of your site. If you are only able to provide a basic outline, our copy writers can build from there. Getting the right images and taglines can make or break the website presentation.


The next step in our process is to wireframe the structure of the website. This blueprint process helps us plan how the website will look and prioritize elements so that your most important messages are seen first. This process ensures we understand what functionality and design needs to be completed.

Research Technologies

In the world of open source software, there are a myriad of prebuilt solutions available. Many times we can speed up a semi-custom project by utilizing open source resources and tailoring them to your project. If we can find suitable solutions, it may make your project more economical.

Custom Design

In this stage we take images, text and message intent and combine it into the user interface the final customer will experience. Your review of this stage is critical because this is what the developer will produce.


This stage is the heavy lifting of the project. When you sign off on the design, our developer will turn them into webpages. These pages as a whole make up your website and will reside on a web server.

Content & Launch

Now we’re ready for the final review where any changes to the final text or headlines can be done. Product descriptions or photos can be changed out at this stage, but the positioning and layout cannot without incurring additional fees. We then make the website live for the public to use.

My Website is Live…Now What?

SEO + Local Search Optimization

One of the primary goals of a website is to educate customers around you of the services and products you provide. It is quite possible that those customers who are looking for your services or products do not even know that you exist.

It is our goal to identify those customers and how they find information. We strive to not only bring them to your site, but also engage them and turn them into customers who will actively reach out and do business with you. We can often measure this engagement by tools such as phone call tracking, email signups, contact submissions, etc. These measurables can be defined by you as metrics to track.

Key Points in Optimization

  • GMB Listing and accuracy
  • Website text optimization
  • Keyword tracking
  • Competitor website tracking
  • Local business listings in industry directories
  • Website page title and meta tags optimization
  • Sitemap submission to search engines
  • Online monitoring tools
  • Monthly reports

Getting Reviews

Digital word of mouth can be the difference between success and failure. We have tools to help you gather and monitor the reviews that come to your business. These tools are ideal for retail and service oriented companies who find that online reviews boost their reputation. Grow your positive reviews to boost customer confidence in your company.

Targeted marketing: Pay-per-click services

Using Google’s Ads program, we can target specific keywords, demographics, locations and more with ads that trigger on selected keywords. These ads range from search engine results as a text ad, an affiliate image ad, or even a video ad on YouTube. Also, engage in re-marketing where your ads will show on affiliate sites after they’ve searched on Google for you.