& Logo Design

Why is my brand important?

Impress with a quality image and a brand that backs up who you are as a company

Many times investing in your own company brand (logo, images, etc) can feel like a waste of money. This is a mistaken concept. The first impression you have on a potential customer can make or break a sale. If your business, product, or service is worth enough to be around for many years, then it is worthwhile to invest in the presentation of that image.

What makes up a brand?


This is the primary face of your company. Usually your company name is presented in some type of uniquely recognizable image or text. Everywhere your name is presented, it is presented in this format. This becomes your lasting face for your company.


Whether you’ve thought about it or not, color schemes provide meaning to your company. Reds carry energy and urgency. Orange and gold speak of calmness and stability. Blues and navy carry a refined or authentic feel. Black can feel classic or even dark feelings. Choosing the correct color scheme and pairing it with consistent use across your ads, website, brochures goes a long way in communicating who you are as a company. Fonts as well carry meaning such as classic tradition or energetic in script fonts. Proper pairing of fonts can positively reflect on your company.


A picture is worth a thousand words. An image can serve two purposes. First, it can accurately show the product or demonstrate the service you provide. Secondly, it can appeal to deeper emotions and provide an ambience to your product or service that communicates much more than just plain facts. There is a dramatic difference between a plain image of a product such as a table and chairs and showing that table and chairs fully furnished in a setting that communicates how it is used and enjoyed. Let us help you create the best images of your service or products.

Steps of Building a Brand

Phase 1 – Research & Mood-board

To really be effective in designing a mood and feel of your company, we need to understand you. Who are you, what is your company’s goals, who is your ideal client, how do you want to be perceived? Answering these questions help us better understand what image to portray you as.

Mood board phase. This is essentially creating a board of colors, images, typography that all come together to create a single overall mood or perception. We may use terms like a “classical look” or “country, down home look” or a “modern, commercial look” when describing the mood boards we are building.

Phase 2 – Design Stage

After a mood board or two is settled on, we being styling them into actual brochure covers and pages, ads, online ads, website home page, etc. These stylescapes become the foundation for the actual formalization of your company brand or logo. The actual logo process begins with black and white sketches and fonts. After compiling a series of black and white options we will present them to you for your review and further suggestion.

Phase 3 – Final Stage

Once the necessary information about your brand, required use cases, etc are all finalized. We begin the final steps of taking the designs chosen and completing the brand. In this stage we finalize the logo design with color, family of colors for your company (usually 5 PMS colors; 2 primary and 3 secondary) and fonts for use in ads, brochures, etc. We will deliver the logo to you in a variety of file formats for your use.

Business or Brand Naming Services

We understand that coming up with a creative or memorable name for your product or business is not the easiest task. Many time dictionary diving and name googling leave you with less than desirable results. We can help.

Phase 1 – Market Research

We begin by learning to know you and your product. Who is the customer and the dynamics around them. Next we take a look at the market its in. Is it a new product with few competitors or is it up against a flood of competition? Who are the competitors and where are they?

Phase 2 – Business naming

After understand the dynamics around your company or product, we begin the naming process by looking up any terms that can be associated with your company or product. Any descriptive adjective, location, even word history or other languages play a role in this creative forming stage.

After these resource lists are compiled we hold a creative sessions where a handful of creative professionals spend time creating words and compiling lists of names. Research is done on the top names to ensure they are not already branded or used by other companies. We present to you the top finalists of names our team suggests for your product or service.